Choose Your Style and Grip It!

VertPicks represent a guitar pick evolution and usher in a modern advancement over traditional flat picks. The "V" is for "Vertical"! The patented ergonomic design with raised vertical surfaces helps improve grip and reduce pinch pressure.

There are three different styles: V-Wave the Omni-V and the V-Bridge. All VertPicks feature raised vertical surfaces offering a patented Ergo-Grip design. 

Which VertPicks Combo is right for you?
Nylon, Acetal, or Ultem?
Medium (0.88mm), Heavy (1.00mm), Extra Heavy (1.20mm)?
Choose your material and thickness and Grip It! 

The unique design of V-Wave offers a Stylistic Edge and is well suited for all styles of play, V-Wave is excellent for acoustic strumming, alternating base-style picking, and electric rhythm guitar playing. All VertPicks, including the V-Wave, are uniquely designed and tested to fit your fingers.

The unique design of Omni-V offers Maximum Attack and is well suited for all styles of play. The leveraged grip provides a major advantage for aggressive chording or lead play and Omni-V is excellent for heavier stringed instruments, including bass guitar. All VertPicks, including the Omni-V, are uniquely designed and tested to fit your fingers.

The unique design of V-Bridge offers Versatile Comfort and is well suited for all styles of play. The balance and comfort offers speed and versatility and is perfect for today's lead guitar player or bass guitar player. V-Bridge is excellent for intricate bass picking, sweep picking, noodling or precision lead. All VertPicks, including the V-Bridge, are uniquely designed and tested to fit your fingers.

"Guitar pick material and thickness greatly effect the sound or tone achieved while playing stringed instruments like Bass, Acoustic, and Electric guitar.  At VertPicks we recommend experimenting with a variety of materials, thicknesses and shape styles to help capture what is right for you."  ~ Cuz-n-Dave

VertPicks are 100% Made in the USA.

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